Irish Slovenian Outdoor Development Experience (ISODE)

Irish Slovenian Outdoor Development Experience (ISODE)

Such was the success of ISODE we hope that our Slovenian partners in CSOD will make the return trip to Ireland this year to visit Irish Outdoor centers and observe and experience the delivery of outdoor adventure activities and education in Ireland.

Irish Slovenian Outdoor Development Experience (ISODE) is a VETPRO programme developed by Landon Carver which will see 15 Outdoor Vocational Education professionals and decision makers travel to Slovenia in October 2013. The programme provides for the participants to observe and experience the provision of field studies and outdoor education to primary school children in Slovenia.

Our partner in Slovenia is the Center šolskih in obšolskih dejavnosti (CSOD). The delivery of field studies and some outdoor recreation activities is compulsory in Slovenia and firmly embedded in the curriculum. As a result Slovenia has almost twice as many Outdoor Education Centres as Ireland, with only half the population.


Some of the ISODE candidates at the programme debriefing 21.09.13

The programme provides for each candidate to experience the delivery in two separate CSOD centres. ISODE gives participants the opportunity to observe the renowned Slovenian model with a view to adopting policies and systems that can enhance the service they deliver to the Irish sector. The programme develops interpersonal, language, networking and intercultural skills and can lead to the establishment of new links with Outdoor Education professionals in Slovenia and Ireland.

Applications for this programme are now closed.