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Placements for Irish Outdoor Education and Adventure Professionals and Graduates in Europe.

Landon Carver has been providing Outdoor Education Placements in Europe to Irish Outdoor  and Adventure Professionals and Graduates since 2007. We began with a two week placement for 12 outdoor professionals, who came from just 6 adventure centres in Ireland.
The funding we were able to access provided the 12 participants with a two week placement in Chamonix in France with UCPA. The participants spent two weeks working and learning alongside their French counterparts.
They immersed themselves in every aspect of service delivery in the UCPA centre. In addition the candidates received ski/boarding instruction. Candidates on that first programme returned with new skills, knowledge and competencies they could utilise to enhance the delivery of outdoor adventure and education in Ireland.
Following on from that first placement we designed, developed, accessed funding and delivered a wide range of programs in a wider range of countries.


To date we have enabled 145 placements who have experienced delivery in the United Kingdom, France, Spain (Canary Islands), Slovenia and the Caribbean (British Virgin Islands).
Landon Carver are committed to improving standards in the Irish outdoor sector through the provision of placements in European countries. Participants on our programmes are able to work alongside their European counterparts learning new systems of work and best practice.
They return with increased technical and language skill levels as well as a network of colleagues both here and abroad. Our award winning European placement programmes demonstrate our commitment to training and the belief that Irish outdoor instructors are amongst the best in the world.
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