Outdoor Work Placement Clients Ireland

We have delivered award winning programmes to Irish outdoor professionals with amazing results since 2009. Very often our participants grow and develop in ways they had never considered prior to departure. Below are some comments from past participants on our programmes.


“There are very few times, possibly none, in anyone’s life when an opportunity, such as the one given to me by Landon Carver, comes along. I work as an outdoor instructor in Ireland and was selected to represent my centre in an upskilling programme with Landon Carver in Spring 2013.

From the moment my placement began in the centre we were made to feel very welcome. We had a meeting with the centre manager where we were informed of the centre, it’s ethos, it’s beginnings and how we were to fit in with the daily running of the centre. I was made to feel, straight away, like a member of the team. This had the effect of immediately making me feel relaxed, allowing me to truly gain as much from this experience as possible.

So many improvements brought home.”

Mary Nash – Cappanalea Outdoor Education Centre


“The Landon Carver programme I went on for me was the opening of a window to fresh air. Since my return, I have adopted many of the ideas and methods of operation into my own workplace.

In UCPA (Union des Centres Sportifs de Plein Air) for example, their system of tagging equipment is currently being implemented in my own centre, and their quick, friendly and efficient way of dealing with large numbers of guests arriving at once has us at Delphi inspired. One of the largest contrasts I found in UCPA was the manner in which quality food was provided to guests. With little effort and the protocol viewed, distribution and management of food services in Irish outdoor centres can and will improve vastly from what we viewed in UCPA.”

James O’Reilly – Delphi Mountain Resort


“My time on a Leonardo da Vinci programme was equal parts enjoyable, informative and rewarding. I went to one of the largest outdoor centres in Europe that caters for adults on a work placement programme. They managed and operated their centre in a way I have never seen before.

The accommodation is simple yet comfortable, ideal for a more cost efficient holiday. The food was exceptional and more importantly there was plenty of it. Lastly the instructors who work in the centre are exceptional. Not only are they highly trained but they are incredibly friendly and seem to care about every client they have.The programme has given me insight into another centre’s operations which will undoubtedly help me improve my own centre.”

Karl Daly – Kinsale Outdoor Education Centre


“The Irish Outdoor sector has long looked for an opportunity to link more strongly with the European sector and I would like to thank Landon Carver for enabling this to happen.”

Colin Gibbon – Shielbaggan Outdoor Education Centre


“It was an amazing experience, one that I will be telling stories about and using the skills that I learned over there for a long time”

Siobhan Bennett – Killary Adventure Company


“I found CARVE 2013 to be a hugely rewarding and beneficial work experience programme”

Kevin Kennedy – Mór Active


“I loved being involved in their programmes, selections, briefings,the languages, the work, etc. I continue to promote their programmes as I think they give invaluable experience to all those involved in the outdoors in Ireland.”

Áine Knox – Dunmore East Adventure Centre


“I would recommend their programmes to any professional outdoor pursuits or enthusiasts. It shows you that there is training out there for everyone and has given me possible future employment and career opportunities.”

Jack Palmer – The Oysterhaven Centre


“The work placement I went on was highly enjoyable and a valuable experience. I recommend Landon Carver highly to any outdoor professionals.”

Eoin Murphy – Kilfinane Outdoor Education Centre


“My work placement with Landon Carver, helped me develop my centre’s new model. My placement lead me to acknowledge that when operating any centre, as long as you provide good quality instruction at your chosen sport, with good food and basic accommodation that’s warm and cosy, and doesn’t cost a fortune to stay in; you wouldn’t be long building up a good clientele.”

Paul McDonald – Achill Outdoor Education Centre


“When I heard about Landon Carver’s programmes first (through a colleague), I really thought it was too good to be true and there had to be a catch somewhere, but there wasn’t! I spent two weeks taking in and immersing myself in a new language, culture, activity, etc. I also got to work with some of the most skilled instructors in Europe, which has improved my own skills.”

Orna Holohan – University of Limerick Activity Centre (Killaloe)


“Thanks Landon Carver for the opportunity to participate in one of your phenomenal work placement programmes. I can’t even begin to describe the amount of valuable information I learnt both occupationally and personally. “

Gavin Porter – Gartan Outdoor Education Centre